Oct. 21: An update of the Saudi crimes, violations in Yemen



In Sana’a, the capital, 4 US-Saudi raids targeted drug stores in Sawan neighborhood, next to the tourist city, causing the death of a civilian and wounding four others. The Saudi-led air force also conducted 4 raids on the General Electricity Corporation in the Al-Thawra district, as well as a raid on the Works Department in Shu’ub district and a raid on Bani Al-Harith district.

In Marib, Saudi aggressors carried out 8 raids on Al-Joubah district, 3 raids on Serwah, and two raids on Rahba district.

In Al-Jawf, two Saudi raids targeted Al-Hazm district.

In Saada, the US-Saudi fighters launched 3 raids on Qahza area, north of the city, two raids on Al-Zaher district and a raid on the Al-Ammar area in the Al-Safra district.

In Saada, a civilian was wounded by Saudi forces’ fire in Al-Mufattah area, district of Monabbeh.

In Shabwa, 3 raids targeted Asilan district.

In Hodeidah, the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room recorded 232 violations conducted by the forces of the aggression, which include 8 raids launched by combat drones on Al-Faza and Al-Jabaliya, the creation of combat fortifications in Haiss, Al-Faza and Al-Jabaliya and artillery shelling, with 112 shells.164 other breaches were carriedd out using various wepaons.