Yemeni Official Accuses Coalition Of Being Behind Aden Airport Explosion


Quting from YPA, Aden governor, Tariq Salam, accused on Sunday the Saudi-led coalition of being behind the terrorist explosion that targeted the vicinity of Aden Airport,in Khor Maksar area.

The governor affirmed in a news statement that the criminal act came in the context of the systematic terrorism practiced by the occupying forces and their tools in the city.

He indicated that the coalition has nothing but killing and terrorizing people, and targeting vital facilities crowded with citizens.

Salam said the confused statements and mutual accusations made by the UAE militia about the incident targeting the vicinity of Aden International Airport on Saturday, with a car bomb, are an attempt to cover up their crimes against civilians and infighting among the coalition forces.

The governor described the explosion, which led to the deaths and injuries of dozens of civilians, including women and children crime, as a cowardly terrorist act, calling on the sons of the city to strengthen cohesion and to confront terrorist forces.