The Armed Forces Liberate Areas Adjacent To The Marib , Conclude Agreements To Evacuate A Number Of Camps


the armed forces achieved qualitative victories in a number of areas surrounding the city of Marib.

Al Masirah TV correspondent confirmed that the armed forces liberated a number of important areas on the outskirts of Al-Juba, adjacent to the city of Marib from the south and southwest.

He added that the armed forces liberated the areas of Yarra, Al-Sawad and Al-Hujaira, in addition to making agreements with the tribes to evacuate a number of camps that were used by the forces of aggression.He explained that the recent progress during the past 24 hours led to the confluence of the two tracks of the armed forces from the side of Sirwah and southwest of Marib.

On the 28th of last October, the armed forces announced the liberation of the districts of Al-Juba and Murad Mount in Marib governorate, as part of the second phase of the “Spring of Victory” operation.

On the 25th of October, the armed forces announced the details of the first phase of the operation in the governorates of Shabwa and Marib Mount, which ended with the liberation of an area estimated at more than 3,200 square kilometers and parts of the districts of Murad and Juba in Marib governorate