HR holds press conference over crime of burning al-Ward family in Ibb



The Ministry of Human Rights held on Saturday a press conference over the crime of burning women and children in the village of Shureh in al-Nadera district of Ibb province by the former regime on November 4, 1978.

The conference, which was organized by al-Ward family and civil society organizations, demanded justice for the victims of al-Ward family and justice against all those who participated and committed this crime, calling for the disclosure of the forcibly missing people from the al-Ward family and handing their remains to their families.

Undersecretary of the Ministry Ali Tayseer explained that the crime committed against the al-Ward family is a crime against humanity that does not have a statute of limitations.

Mrs. Qobul al-Ward, her pregnant daughter Saleha Qaid al-Talul and al-Talul’s child Abdo Qaid al-Talul were burned by Naji al-Dulaimi in 1978.

A statement issued by the press conference called on the competent authorities to arrest the criminals, bring them to justice, seize their property and prosecute them locally and internationally, stressing that the time has come to achieve justice and victory for the oppressed in light of the independence of the judiciary.