Coalition forces execute ten prisoners of war in western Yemen


The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs in Sana’a has condemned the coalition’s execution of 10 war captives in the west coast front.

The Committee said in a news statement that the coalition forces in the West Coast executed 10 prisoners of the Yemeni army by firing squad, “in a barbaric and aggressive behavior that contradicts the most basic rights, morals, and religious and humanitarian law and values.”

The statement stressed that this crime is “evidence of the brutality and criminality of the mercenaries of the coalition, and represents a resounding scandal for all of their American, Saudi and Emirati supporters.”

The Prisoners’ Committee held the leadership of the coalition mercenaries on the West Coast and the coalition’s countries supporting them fully legally and morally responsible for the crime.

The Committee called on the UN Envoy, the United Nations and its affiliated organisations in Yemen to condemn the act and “take a serious and effective move to prosecute its perpetrators to bring them to justice, as well as take the necessary measures to protect all prisoners and preserve their rights.”

The statement also called on all political forces, local organisations, and all free Yemeni tribes to “condemn this heinous crime, expose its perpetrators, and prosecute them by all possible means for punishment.”