International Condemnation for West Coast Brutal Crime


International criticism of the crimes of executing prisoners on the western coast of Yemen has expanded.

Britain, France and the European Union joined the parties that condemned the killing of 10 prisoners by the coalition forces.

In separate statements, these countries called for a speedy investigation of these crimes and for bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The factions loyal to the Saudi-led war coalition for 7 years had executed fighters from the army and popular committees in a crime that shook the local and international community.

The crime was committed on the basis of the fact that these factions withdrew from the areas south of Hodeidah, which indicates that it has retaliatory dimensions.

Media in Sana’a published pictures of leaders of the so-called “joint forces” led by Tariq Saleh, the leader of the pro-UAE factions, while representing those elements with the bodies of the prisoners.

Sana’a government vowed a harsh response to the crime, reminding its perpetrators of similar crimes who had previously committed similar crimes.