President addresses Yemeni people on occasion of 54th Independence Day



President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat has addressed the Yemeni people on the occasion of the 54th Independence Day of November 30th.

President al-Mashat congratulated revolution leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi and the Yemeni people on this occasion.

The president stressed that this occasion coincides with many of the accelerating victories of the heroes of the armed and security forces on the ground.

Al-Mashat urged the Yemeni people to more solidarity and cooperation, supporting the fronts, preserving the gains, opening the door wide to internal reconciliations, always welcoming the returnees, rejecting all causes of division and hatred.

He referred to the hostile disinformation campaigns, led by Washington, with the participation of Britain, France, and other countries, to distort Sanaa’s position on peace aiming to mislead Western and international public opinion.

“We recall that we have been keen since the beginning of the war to keep Marib province away from the conflict, and we have made many initiatives and concessions in order to achieve this goal, the latest of which is the initiative of the revolution leader that he presented through Oman, but, they, the mercenaries, refused and rejected all attempts for peaceful solutions, and made Marib a military base for foreign forces, a nest for dark organizations, and a springboard for military and security operations”, said the President.

He considered entering Marib a positive step in the interest of peace and security for Yemen and the ocean in general, and all anxious parties can look at this issue on this basis.

Al-Mashat affirmed the readiness to stop all defensive military operations as soon as the aggression stops, the siege is lifted, and the practical commitment to ending the occupation and addressing the repercussions of the war.

President al-Mashat condemned the hostile American method and the international silence towards the ongoing war crimes and crimes against the Yemeni people.