Mass wedding of 7,200 grooms and brides in Sana’a



The General Authority for Zakat has organized the 2nd largest mass wedding for 7,200 grooms and brides in the capital Sana’a.

In the celebration, Mufti of Yemen, the scholar Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din stressed the importance of establishing wedding events to ease the burden of the conservative Yemeni youth and people, who are meant to be humiliated through aggression and siege to serve the projects of the enemies.

The Mufti valued the efforts of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the Zakat Authority in this charitable work, which sought to alleviate the suffering of young people and draw joy and happiness on their faces.

Sharaf al-Din called on parents to belittle dowries and marriage conditions,  weddings to seek the revival of God’s rituals and to stay away from bad habits.

Head of Zakat Authority Shamsan Abu Nashtan pointed out the mass wedding targeted the poor, the needy, fighters of the army and popular committees,  the captives, the orphans, sons of the martyrs and the needy and along with a group of African brothers.