Army foils Saudi advance attempt in Hodeidah



Today, Saturday, the army and the popular committees repelled an advance carried out by the mercenaries of the Saudi-led aggression in Hays district, south of Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

The mercenaries of the Saudi aggression military operation continued for hours south of Hays, in flagrant violation of the Sweden agreement, a military source from the province reported.

It should be noted that the Army and the Popular Committees thwarted last November 28 an attempt by the mercenaries of aggression to advance within the same area, which lasted for hours and inflicted heavy losses on them in life and equipment.

It is noteworthy that the forces of aggression, after their shameful withdrawal last November from large areas in Hodeidah, are seeking to achieve any advance in the areas south of Hodeidah, committing crimes against civilians in continuous violations of the Sweden Agreement.