US-Saudi fighter jets conduct 19 raids on several regions within Yemen



On Friday, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression launched 19 air raids on separate areas, including the capital, Sana’a, and the governorates of Sana’a, Marib, Saada, Taiz and Asir.

A security source explained that the Saudi-led warplanes launched two raids on the Military College and two others on Sana’a International Airport. In addition, it launched two raids on Al-Qeran area in Sanhan district within the Sana’a governorate. The Saudi warplanes also targeted with a raid Al-Zaher district in Saada governorate.

The source added that the Saudi aggressive warplanes launched 8 aerial raids on Al-Joubah district and two raids on Serwah district in Marib governorate. Also, it conducted an airstrike against Majaz Al-Sharqiah near the Saudi province of Asir.

Moreover, the US-Saudi fighters launched a raid on Al-Hakimah village in Maqbna district, Taiz province, which led to the fall of a number of killed and wounded civilians.

In Hodeidah, a source in the Liaison Officers’ Operations Room explained that the forces of aggression committed more than 178 violations on the truce agreement in the Hodeidah fronts, including the hovering of a warplane in the al-Jabaliya, spotting 10 espionage drones intercepting the airspace of Hays, al-Jabaliya and al-Jah. Over 100 breaches were committed with artillery shelling, with a total of 664 shells, and 66 breaches were carried out using diverse weapons.