Raisins and foreign garlic banned to be imported by the Agriculture Ministry



The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has instructed to prevent the import of raisins and foreign garlic during the production season in Yemen.

The Deputy Director of Marketing and Agricultural Trade at the Ministry of Agriculture, Ali al-Harib, told Saba on Friday that the ministry prevented the import of raisins and imported garlic aimed at encouraging, supporting and protecting local production of these crops.

He called on importers of raisins and foreign garlic to abide by the circular and hold them responsible in the event of a violation, pointing out that the decision to ban import comes within the framework of avoiding the farmer’s loss as a result of unfair competition with the foreign product.

Al-Harib stressed that the Ministry of Agriculture seeks to protect and encourage local agricultural products, to cover the needs of the market, and to prevent the depletion of foreign currency in importing foreign products and goods at the expense of the local product.