Coalition forces commit 116 violations in Hodeida


The Coalition forces committed 116 violations, including 4 raids by warplanes on Hays and al-Jarrahi and the flight of military and spy planes in the airspace of Hays, al-Jarrahi, and al-Jabaliya, a military official said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 4 citizens were killed in a raid by the US-Saudi- Coalition and a bomb exploded in Sa’ada, violations continued in Hodeida, and 38 air raids targeted the capital Sana’a and the provinces of Marib and Sa’ada

The violations included 58 breaches by artillery shelling and 36 breaches by various gunshots.

In Saada province, the official confirmed the killing of a child when a cluster bomb exploded from the remnants of the aggression in al-Shawariq area in the border district of Razeh, while 3 citizens were killed as a result of an air raid on Baqat Allaf area in Sahar district.

The Coalition launched 2 raids on the Al-Far` area in the Ketaf district and 2 raids on the al-Atfin area in the al-Hashwah district.

The source indicated that the Coalition launched 2 raids next to the building of the Yemen Satellite Channel and a raid on al-Iman University in the al-Thawra district, as well as 2 raids on the Sawan residential neighborhood in the Shu’ub district in the capital.

The Coalition targeted, with 2 raids, a car maintenance workshop for the citizen Youssef al-Sami’i in the al-Khair neighborhood, next to the Saudi German Hospital on al-Sitteen Street.

The source stated that the Coalition launched 2 raids on the Jarban area in the Sanhan district, and destroyed, with an airstrike, the communications network in the al-Mahjar area in the Hamdan district, Sana’a governorate.

The Coalition launched 23 raids on the al-Jouba district in the Marib governorate.