Dec. 9: An update of the Saudi crimes, violations in Yemen



In Saada, a woman was killed and 7 civilians, including an African immigrant, were wounded by the Saudi army’s fire in Al-Raqo area in the district of Monabbeh, near the border.

In the capital Sana’a, the Saudi aggressive-led warplanes targeted with two airstrikes the General Authority for Rural Water Projects in Al-Thawra District.

In Sanaa, the province, the US-backed Saudi aggression launched a raid on Dhabwa area in Sanhan district and targeted the communications tower in Al-Mahajar area in Hamdan district.

In Marib, the US-Saudi jets launched 22 raids on the districts of Al-Juba and Al-Wadi, and two raids on the Serwah district.

In Al-Jawf, it launched 4 raids on Al-Marazeq in Khub Al-Sha’af district.

In Al-Hodeidah, a number of 5 Saudi raids targeted Al-Jarrahi district.

The Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room recorded 168 violations committed by the Saudi-UAE aggressors, including 3 raids by warplanes and 9 raids by combat drones in Haiss. Also, 57 violations were carried out by missile and artillery bombardment, and 72 violations using other various weapons.