Parliament condemns continued crimes of aggression coalition in Yemen



The Parliament, in its session on Tuesday, chaired by Speaker Yahya Al-Ra’i, condemned the continuing war crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggression coalition under the auspices of the United States and Britain.

The Parliament members condemned the systematic targeting of the aggression coalition’s aircraft, which used internationally-prohibited missiles and bombs in striking neighborhoods and civilian objects in the capital, Sana’a, and the provinces of Marib, Jawf, Sa’ada, Hodeida, Taiz, and other provinces.

They denounced the continuation of the aggression coalition in killing children and women and intimidating the safe civilians, in flagrant violation of international and humanitarian laws and covenants.

In the session, the House members reviewed the crimes against the Yemeni people at home and abroad, the latest of which was the assault on the child Mazen Nizam Felita and killing him at the hands of bandits in the areas controlled by the aggression coalition forces and mercenaries between the provinces of Marib and Jawf.