Human Rights Office Of Taiz Condemns Coalition Airstrikes On Medical Staffs


A Human Rights Office of Taiz condemned on Monday the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes against the medical and agricultural staff in Maqbna district of the province.

The office affirmed, in a statement, that targeting the humanitarian staff while carrying out their humanitarian duty to serve citizens are full-fledged war crimes that contradict international laws.

The statement called on the international community and relevant organizations to condemn these systematic crimes, and urgently intervene to stop the aggressive war and lift the siege.
It blamed the coalition countries for this crime and other crimes committed against the Yemeni people for nearly seven years.

On Sunday, the coalition warplanes waged tow strikes on the staff’s car in residential area in Maqbna district, injuring a number of citizens, including the staff’s members.