Human Rights Ministry Condemns Coalition Continued Civilian Targeting


The Ministry of Human Rights denounced the continued targeting of citizens’ homes, mosques and facilities by the aggression.
In a statement, the Ministry confirmed that the aggression’s warplanes deliberately targeted a mosque in the Asr neighborhood in the Ma’in district of the capital with two raids, Sunday morning. That led to the death of three citizens, injuring another, the destruction of the mosque and damage to nearby homes and schools.

The statement pointed out that the aggression also targeted citizens’ farms in Al-Qana’a in the Numan District in Al-Baidha Governorate, injuring a number of citizens.

The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the targeting of Al-Sawadiya Customs Square in Al-Baidha Governorate, with eight raids, despite the statements issued by the official authorities of the United Nations regarding the nature of this civilian facility. The officials denied claims that it is being used for military purposes.

It expressed its strong condemnation of the position of the United Nations, which turns a blind eye to the siege of the Yemeni people and prevents the entry of their basic needs of food and medicine, at a time when US weapons and military equipment are entering to kill the Yemeni people.

The Ministry stressed that the continuation of the aggression in launching raids on civilians and their property, contradicts the international humanitarian law rules, provisions and principles, noting that the countries of the coalition of aggression deliberately violated those rules and principles in Yemen.

The Ministry of Human Rights holds the US responsible for the crimes and violations committed by the coalition of aggression, and holds the United Nations responsible as well for allowing the US-Saudi aggression to hand in various weapons to mercenaries for use in killing civilians in Yemen.

The ministry called on the United Nations to stop the flow of weapons to militias that are subject to the forces of aggression and urged them to stop the aggression, lift the siege on the Yemeni people, and open Sana’a International Airport.