Mines Center: US-Saudi fighters used a satellite-guided bomb in targeting a residential neighborhoods in Sana’a



Executive Center for Mine Action has confirmed that the US-Saudi aggression coalition used a GBU-39 satellite-guided smart bomb.

GBU, also known by JDAM, the Joint Direct Attack Munition, is directed by the satellite used to strike Aser area in Maeen district in the Capital Sana’a (on Sunday this week).

A report issued by the Center and the competent authorities after a field visit to the area indicated that the aggression’s targeting of the Aser area led to the death of three citizens and caused material damage, including the complete and partial destruction of a mosque and homes and schools.

The report added citizens’ properties and cars were damaged, and a number of families were displaced from completely damaged homes in the Libyan neighborhood.

The report touched on information about the manufacturer of the bomb dropped by the aggression, which is Boeing, an American multinational company that manufactures aircraft, aerospace, and defense industries, and Woodward Inc., an American company that manufactures components for guidance and control systems for JDAM and SDB bombs.

It mentioned some of the places where this type of bomb was used and documented the use of JDAM bombs in Yemen during the period from March 29, 2015, to 2022, by targeting and bombing civilian objects with GBU-31 JDAM bomb.

Equestrian Club in Sana’a was targeted in March 2020, Asmaa School in Hodeida was hit in 2015, al-Khansa School in Bayda was targeted in  2015 and Mastaba Market in Hajjah was struck in 2016, Zaideyah Security Department in Hodeida was hit in 2016, the stables of the Equestrian Club -Sana’a was hit on 27 Nov. 2020 for the second time, al-Habari Company in Hodeida was targeted 2020 and a house Mohammed Juma’an in Noqm was hit in 2016.

The family of Mohammed al-Sanabani, Sanban’s wedding was targeted by the aggression in 2015, the homes of a citizen in al-Subaha in  Sana’a 2020 were targeted, and a mosque in Aser neighborhood in the Libyan city was hit on 02 Jan. 2022.

The report presented sales of JDAM bombs to Saudi Arabia, where 900 units were sold from Saudi Arabia between 2017 and 2018 during the aggression against Yemen in a deal that amounted to $123 million.

The report referred to the species exported to Saudi Arabia, namely:


The bomb / GBU-31 JDAM

Bomb / GBU-39 JDAM

Bomb / GBU-38 KMU-572.

Bomb/ GBU-48 Enhanced