58 US-Saudi airstrikes on several regions in Yemen; New violations in Hodeidah



Today, Monday, the Saudi-led aggressors, supported by the US, continued in targeting many Yemen governorates with aerial raids, as it launched 58 raids on the governorates of Shabwa, Marib, Al-Jawf and Saada during the past 24 hours, while their violations of the Sweden agreement continued in Hodeidah.

A military source stated that the brutal aggressive US-Saudi warplanes launched 20 raids on Aain and Harib districts in Shabwa governorate.

It also launched 14 raids on Al-Wadi district and 4 raids on Al-Jawbah district in Marib governorate.

In Al-Jawf Governorate, the US-Saudi aggression launched 3 raids on Al-Yatama area in Khub Al-Sha’af district.

Today, the aggressors launched a number of raids on the communications networks in the governorates of Amran and Saada.

In Saada, it launched a raid on Kitaf district.

In addition, a source in the Liaison Officers’ Operations Room confirmed that the forces of aggression committed 93 violations, including combat fortifications, artillery shelling and the use of various weapons.

The source confirmed that among the violations were 4 raids by the warplanes of the aggressors and two attacks by spy UAVs.


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