Saudi Airforce targeted Again Water Projects and Communication Networks in Sa’ada


Saudi Airforce targeted once again water projects and communication networks in Sa’ada Governorate, late on Tuesday evening.

Local’s Sources in Sa’ada reported that the Saudi force launched three raids on the tanks of the Sa’ada City Water Project in the Tummams field.

They added that the Saudi’s Airforce targeted, with two raids, the communications network in the Al-Abdeen area, south of the city of Sa’adah, and the communications network in the Bani Ma’in area of ​​the Razih border district with two raids.

On other hand, they pointed out that the number of the Saudi’s raids on the communications network in the Al-Abdeen area reached eight raids .

Earlier in the day, the Saudi Airforce had launched a raid on the communications network in the Al-Hashwah District.

The bombing of the communications networks has cut off communications service in several areas in Sa’ada Governorate.

The Saudi Airforce has also destroyed several communications networks in the governorates of Amran and Al-Jawf.