Military spokesman declares foiling UAE military operation, targeting them with ballistic missiles and a drone



The armed forces managed to break a wide military operation by the UAE mercenaries, attempting to advance in Shabwa and Marib governorates in the districts of Harib and Ain. The operation ended in killing and wounding dozens of the UAE mercenaries, including leaders, Yemen’s military spokesperson stated today Friday.

The official spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, confirmed that Yemen’s forces were able, thanks to Allah, to confront a large advance operation by the UAE mercenaries and ISIS towards the districts of Harib and Ain without making any progress, despite the intense air support that launched more than 24 raids.

The spokesman added that the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the enemy, as six armored vehicles were destroyed, more than 40 were killed and wounded, including brigade and battalion commanders.

Moreover, Brigadier General Saree that four ballistic missiles and a drone were used to target the enemy gatherings, stressing that the target was accurate, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, in addition to causing a state of terror and a great collapse in the ranks of the enemy.

The armed forces called on the UAE local mercenaries and their families to withdraw from engaging in losing battles that serve only the US and its tools in the region.