Saudi military planes bomb the technical institute in al-Bayda, and the Ministry of Technical Education condemns



The Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training condemned the US-Saudi aggression targeting of the Industrial Vocational Institute in al-Sawma’ah district of Bayda province.

According to Saba news agency, the ministry considered in a statement that the aggression’s destruction of the institute’s building and facilities came within the framework of the systematic targeting of infrastructure and institutions of technical education and vocational training.

The statement pointed to the aggression’s targeting of institutes to prevent them from performing their tasks in rehabilitating and graduating local cadres who are reliable to contribute to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the aggression.

The statement called on the United Nations and international organizations to play their role in protecting and neutralizing civilian facilities, noting that the United Nations had previously been informed of the locations of educational facilities, but it was unable to protect them.