Six civilians killed and wounded by the explosion of Saudi-UAE mine remnants in Hodeidah



Six citizens were killed and injured during the past hours, after remnants of Saudi-UAE cluster bombs exploded in the province of Hodeidah.

A security source confirmed the death of a citizen and the wounding of five others during the past 24 hours, due to the explosions of cluster bombs and mines left over by the aggressors within several separate areas in Hodeidah governorate.

Names of the casualties:
1- Jalal Muhammad Ali Jaafar
2- Ayman Omar coffee shop
3- Salman Hamli
5- Abu Bakr Ghossein
6- Mahmoud Hamli
7 – Qassem Al-Harazi

The source pointed out there has been an increase in the number of casualties in Hodeidah due to the explosion of cluster bombs and mines left by the Saudi-UAE aggressors, while the United Nations and humanitarian organizations did not even provide the simplest means.