Telecom minister holds Press conference in the targeted “TeleYemen” company by Saudi raids



The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Engineer Misfer Al-Numair, condemned on Monday the repeated targeting of communications facilities by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression, the latest of which was the bombing of the main building of the international telecommunications company “TeleYemen”.

In a press conference organized by the Ministry and TeleYemen today on the ruins of the TeleYemen building, Al-Numair considered the targeting of the company a blatant and cowardly attack, in violation of all international and humanitarian norms and laws.

He pointed out that the aggression airstrikes on the TeleYemen’s building destroyed the international communications center, which led to the interruption of international telecom services throughout the country.

The minister called for the neutralization of communications and its services, stressing that targeting them is a war crime.

He pointed out that the building is a civil facility that provides services to all citizens in the provinces of the country with impartiality and high professionalism, calling on the United Nations and international organizations to visit the site of the building and inspect the place to verify that.