A Woman killed, 16 others injured in Hajjah and Saada provinces



A female citizen was killed and 16 others were wounded by an air raid and the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression artillery shelling was fired on Hajjah and Saada provinces, and violations continued in Hodeida province, a military official at the operations room said.

A woman was killed and 10 others were wounded, most of them women, as a result of an air raid of aggression on the house of Ahmed Tamri in Abas district in Hajjah province, the official added.

The official confirmed the injury of 6 citizens by the Saudi bombing of Al-Raqo area in the Monabbeh border district in Saada province.

The aggression forces on Monday committed 258 violations in Hodeida province over the past 48 hours, also the aggression forces created 7 combat fortifications in Hays and al-Jabaliya area while 14 spy planes flew over the al-Jabaliya area.

He said the aggression forces carried out 78 violations in which they fired 275 artillery shelling and 132 various bullets.

The official stated that the aggression warplanes launched 18 raids on Haradh district, 4 raids on Bani Hassan area in Abas district, and one raid on Hairan district in Hajjah province.

The aggression launched a raid on Bir Basha area in Al-Ta’aiziya district in Taiz province and 2 raids on Al-Balaq in Al-Wadi district in the Marib province. Aggression also targeted with 3 raids Al-Yatama area in Khab Washa’af district in Jawf province.