Women commission in the capital Sanaa provide a financial support to the Yemeni missile and air force



The Women’s Commission of the Capital Sana’a, provided on Monday a financial convoy with support for the missile and drone air force entitled “Yemeni Hurricane Convoy.”

The financial convoy included 23 million Yemeni rials, close to 3,000 dollars, and 3,000 Saudi rials, along with gold and jewelry items from the capital in support of rocket and drone air force operations carried out in the territory of the Saudi and Emirati enemy.

In a protest on the sidelines of the convoy, the women condemned the capital’s secretariat for escalating aggression against civilians’ objects and for tightening the blockade against the Yemeni people.

A statement issued by the protest to the willingness of the women of the Capital Secretariat to support the fronts to defend Yemen.