The US involvement in killing martyr Al-Houthi, secret documents revealed



Secret documents have revealed the preparations and direct military participation of America in the war against the martyred commander Hussein Badreddine Al-Houthi and the unjust wars on Saada province Since June 2004.

Ansar Allah Media Center published the secret documents and the visit of the commander of the American forces and his meeting with the leaders of the ministries of defense and interior in the capital Sana’a during the first war on the martyr commander.

The documents were presented, the minutes of the High-Security Committee meeting, which included guidance to eliminate the mujahedeen in some areas of Saada within 72 hours, days before the commander of the U.S. Central Forces arrived in Yemen.

The documents also revealed information about the request of the Yemeni Foreign Minister, from Italy to support the war on Mr. Hussein Badreddine Al-Houthi.

It also sent a letter of thanks from the commander of the U.S. command thanking Ali Abdullah Saleh for the killing of the martyred commander and calling for continued joint cooperation between them.