Oil Ministry holds mercenary government responsible for raising prices of domestic gas



The Ministry of Oil and Minerals and the Yemen Gas Company organized Monday a press conference in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a to denounce the price increase on domestic gas by the mercenary government.

At the conference, Minister of Oil and Minerals, Ahmed Abdullah Daris, indicated that the mercenary government’s increase in domestic gas prices would double the suffering of the Yemeni people who are experiencing crises as a result of the continued aggression and the US-Saudi-Emirati blockade.

He called for the neutralization of the substance of domestic gas, and to facilitate the access of this substance to all provinces without exception and at the specified price, as it is a basic substance that affects the daily lives and livelihood of citizens.

Daris pointed out that gas is linked to the citizen’s livelihood, calling on the United Nations, organizations and concerned bodies to work on facilitating the entry of gas and oil to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis.

He pointed out that the mercenary government, some time ago, reduced the amount of gas allocated to the provinces under the authority of the Supreme Political Council, which led to the succession of crises and the expansion and increase in demand for gas, which caused the gas shortage crisis.

The Oil Minister explained that despite this suffering, the mercenaries imposed a new price dose of gas, bringing the price of the gas cylinder to 6000 riyals, noting that before the approval of the last dose, the gas cylinder was priced at 3350 riyals, in addition to other costs imposed by the mercenary government under the so-called city improvement fees and other illegal fees.

He called on the United Nations to carry out its duty towards the illegal practices of the mercenary government and ensure that domestic gas reached citizens at the previous price and quantity since the gas was a local product and not imported.