The health sector protest warns against stopping hospitals as a result of running out of fuel



The health sector in the Yemeni capital renewed the warning of the consequences if hospitals and health centers stop their services to citizens due to the continued detention of fuel ships by the coalition of aggression.

During the organized protest by the health sector employees in the capital and the employees of the Yemeni Petroleum Company in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, the Director of the Health Office, Dr. Mutahar Al-Maroni, condemned the continued neglection by the United Nations of what is happening by the US-supported Saudi aggression thought detaining oil ships.

He stressed that the continuation of the arbitrary practices by the US-Saudi aggressors, piracy on ships, doubles the size of the humanitarian disaster against the Yemeni people, and is resulting in the suspension of all services, the work of hospitals and dialysis centers, and the interruption of oxygen factories.

Al-Maroni called on the United Nations and international organizations to carry out their legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities by putting pressure on the aggressive countries to release the oil derivatives ships and lift the siege.

A statement issued by the health sector in Sana’a also called on all service sectors to continue carrying out rallies to expose the United Nations, which is an essential partner for the countries of aggression in killing the Yemeni people.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of speeding up the release of oil derivatives, which are illegally detained, despite obtaining UN permits and completing all examination and audit procedures.

The statement pointed out that the continuation of the blockade and preventing the entry of oil derivatives will cause a health disaster in Yemen that will be the largest in the world, especially with the decline in the support provided by international organizations to the health and environmental sector in Yemen, and the prevention of the entry of medicines and health supplies.

He denounced the weak position of the United Nations and the international community and its shameful silence regarding the crimes of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggressive coalition, and its siege on the Yemeni people in front of the world’s eyes and ears.

The statement pointed out that the health sector in Yemen needs six million liters of diesel to run hospitals, centers, oxygen and medicine factories.

He stressed that the health sector adheres to its legal right to defend the lives of Yemenis to live in dignity and free from any form of domination or dependence.