Seven civilians killed and injured by Saudi shelling on Saada province, northern Yemen



Today, Monday, 7 citizens were killed and wounded, in a Saudi bombing, which targeted Monabbeh and Shada districts in Saada governorate, near the border.

A security source confirmed the arrival of a dead body and a wounded person to the Razih Rural Hospital, after they were targeted with a Saudi missile and artillery shelling that targeted Shada district, located near the border.

The source added that the Saudi army also targeted separate areas in Razih bordering district with many rockets and artillery shells.

The source also confirmed the arrival of 5 wounded people to the Republican Hospital in the city of Saada, after they were subjected to Saudi artillery shelling, in Al-Raqo area, district of Monabbeh.

The source condemned the Saudi enemy’s persistence in shedding Yemeni blood, stressing that the Saudi enemy will pay the price for its crimes on the battlefield.