34 violations by the Saudi aggression in the past 24 hours



The aggression forces and their mercenaries committed 34 violations against the truce agreement.

The violations of the aggression forces consisted of the hovering of warplanes over  Marib, Jawf, and Amran, and a spy plane flew over  Marib, Jawf, Hajjah, Sa’ada, Amran, Al-Dhale’, and Beyond Borders, a military source reported.

The property of citizens and army positions and popular committees in Hajjah and Sa’ada provinces came under heavy fire by the mercenaries of aggression, a military official.

The official added 11 rocket and artillery operations by the mercenaries of the aggression coalition on army positions and popular committees in Sa’ada and Hajjah.

The Mercenaries of aggression fired three Katyusha missiles on the army positions in al- Ajacher in Jawf province.

The mercenaries of aggression also targeted a number of tank shells on the positions of the army and popular committees in al-Mallahith in Hajjah province, while the mercenaries were targeted by intensive artillery shelling and tank shells at army positions and popular committees in al-Hatimi, al-Amod, al- Batoul and al- Ramadyat in Jizan.