Saudi forces violate truce, kills three civilians by their shelling in Saada province



At least three people were killed after Saudi border soldiers fired a barrage of rockets and artillery rounds at a residential area in Yemen’s northwestern province of Sa’ada, only hours after the Saudi-led coalition agreed to a two-month ceasefire in Yemen.

The victims died as Saudi military struck the Shada’a district, according to a report by the Arabic-language al-Masirah television network.

Furthermore, in the previous 24 hours, the Saudi-led military coalition’s soldiers and mercenaries have violated a truce agreement in the western coastal region of Hudaydah 81 times.

The violations included spying flights over several localities, including the Hays and al-Jabaliya districts, 25 cases of artillery firing, and 66 gunshot incidents, according to an unnamed source in Yemen’s Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room.