Sana’a Airport Director Denounces UN Envoy Allegations of Readiness of Sana’a Airport



The director of Sana’a International Airport denounced on Wednesday the United Nations’ attempt to delay the start of commercial flights to and from Sana’a Airport.

Khaled Al-Shayef commented on the statements of the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, who attributed the delay in launching commercial flights to Sana’a Airport to logistical reasons.

In a post published on his official Twitter page, Al-Shayef expressed his astonishment at what he described as the justifications of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen. He stressed that the airport receives almost daily UN flights, pointing out that the services provided to the United Nations are the same as for the rest of the flights.

The UN envoy to Yemen had indicated, during a press conference, on Wednesday, that the postponement of flights to Sana’a airport, is due to completing “logistical procedures,” without specifying the nature of those procedures.

Grundberg’s comments came on the eve of the anticipation of the launch of the first flights, which were postponed from last Monday to Wednesday, but was postponed again.

Officials in Sana’a had visited the airport earlier to ensure its readiness.

Observers believe that Grundberg’s justifications are an attempt to exploit the airport card to put pressure to allow him to visit Sana’a.