Southern movement component blesses “Tel Aviv” operation



The component of the Southern Movement participating in the National Dialogue Conference, the signatory of the Peace and Partnership Agreement, blessed the qualitative “Tel Aviv” operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance deep into the occupied Zionist entity.

In a statement received by Saba on Friday, the component said the operation was a natural result of the aggression of the Zionist entity, which crossed all borders and its crimes, and the terrorism of its settlers against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

He stressed that the qualitative process, in terms of timing, location, planning, and implementation, confused the Zionist enemy, destabilized its entity, and proved its fragility and weakness.

“This heroic operation in Tel Aviv will not be the last, a message to the occupying enemy that it is miscalculating if he believes that the war crimes it commits against the Palestinian people, the nation and its holy places will pass unanswered, and the Zionist enemy must be aware that any escalation that is being presented to it will cost it a lot and will pay a heavy price,” the statement said.

The component of the Southern movement saluted the steadfastness and struggle of the free Palestinian people and their valiant resistance. He called for the continuation of Jihadist operations in all Palestinian areas.

He held the usurped Zionist entity fully responsible for its practices, violations, and war crimes against the nation, its peoples, and its holy places.

source: saba