YPC: New oil ship detained by the Saudi aggression



The Yemeni Petroleum Company confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition of aggression seized today, Friday, a new emergent ship, despite its inspection and obtaining an entry permit by the United Nations to the port of Hodeidah.

The official spokesman for the company, Issam Al-Mutawakil, stated that the aggressors are still practicing piracy on fuel ships, as it detained the diesel ship “Emperis”, loaded with a quantity of 30,899 tons, despite its inspection and obtaining an entry permit from the United Nations.

The spokesman of the company demanded a speedy release of the seized oil vessels, as they are linked to the service sectors “health, electricity, water and means of transporting food commodities.”

Al-Mutawakel stressed that the continued detention of ships increases the suffering of citizens and increases the fines resulting from the delays due to the Saudi’s piracy, calling on the United Nations, which did not put an end to piracy, either before or during the declared truce, to carry out its duty and release the detained fuel ships.

The YPC spokesperson indicated that the number of currently impounded ships rose to two diesel ships.