President affirms keenness to intensify process of construction, rehabilitation, reform



His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, has stressed the keenness, during the current year, to intensify the process of construction, rehabilitation and reformat the administrative, cultural and all levels in the state bodies.

In his speech on Wednesday during a workshop to build and develop the performance of institutions for governors of provinces and security directors, President al-Mashat indicated that two workshops were organized for the central authorities to have a launch for reforming souls as a starting point for reforming life.

He said, “The correct concept of responsibility is to bear the difficult circumstances and overcome the difficult situation in provinces, no matter the difficulties, and this is the correct concept of responsibility, pointing out that what is required of every official, especially the governors of the provinces is to employ everyone, whether at the level of executive and local offices and the community or to exploit  all the powers available.

President al-Mashat stressed the importance of employing everyone, both at their level and within the framework of their responsibilities, because the alternative would be isolation within the framework of a large or small group, which represents the beginning of the problem.

He pointed out the importance of understanding the situation and the existing difficulties.

He said, “We have started in the national vision the process of building and planning in a noticeable way that did not exist in previous years, and I hope that you are keen on it and work to develop and update it continuously.”

He stressed the need to pay attention to plans, follow-up implementation, modernization and development, and not continue with recurring problems every year, through modernization and development, and adherence to timing in planning, analyzing and studying budgets.

President al-Mashat stressed the importance of activating the public service and complaints, calling on the central and local authorities to listen to the problems of the people.

He urged the governors to activate the service of the public, both with regard to their work, and to support the efforts of the Grievances Board, and to stand with it, whether the security services or the governors of the provinces, since fairness is one of the most important responsibilities.

He pointed to the need to pay attention to building in the provinces.

He said, “It is unfortunate that many state institutions do not have headquarters, whether they were previously or existed, and were destroyed by the aggression, and this is a legacy that we must all bear.”

President al-Mashat stressed the need to focus on the process of construction, development, modernization, follow-up and evaluation of the executive offices in all districts of the provinces adding each governor has to follow the state chronic vision along with the central authorities, starting with the service bodies in the executive offices, especially works, education, health, electricity and water.

“We will contribute with the central authorities to revive these offices, especially those that directly affect the life of the citizen”, he said.

President al-Mashat stressed the need to assist the Agricultural Committee to start the agricultural reform process by the governors so as to advance this sector and to take advantage of this season because there are international variables that may cause some difficulties if action is not taken from the beginning.

He said there must be interest and cooperation from the governors and the security services with the Zakat Authority and that it receive follow-up and attention, because the collection process is linked to the rain of heaven.

With regard to the general plan, President al-Mashat stated that the General Authority for Lands has a program and has begun preparing plans in some provinces, ” known as Master Plan”, indicating that the general plan is of great importance, especially in the provinces that witness abnormal migration.

President al-Mashat also stressed the need to pay attention to training and rehabilitation, pointing out that there is a program for this year through the administrative sector, starting within the provinces to improve the practical performance of all officials.

He pointed to the need to pay attention to the general appearance, cleanliness and traffic,

He pointed out that the initial evaluation of each governor is through the general appearance as it represents the face of the state and not through the submitted reports.

He urged the governors to pay attention to the media aspect in the provinces and to help it with guidance, direction and awareness.

President al-Mashat concluded his speech by emphasizing the need for every official to be keen to present the right and high-end model within the framework of his responsibility.