Human Organization Condemns Killing of Migrant Workers by Saudi Border Guard


Human Rights and Freedoms Organization condemned on the murder of seven Yemeni migrant workers in the al-Raqw outlet who arrived at the Republican Hospital in Sa’ada .

The organization described this crime as horrific, with medical reports showing that the cause of the worker’s death was caused by torture with electric wires. The attacks on migrants have become repeated crimes committed by the Saudi regime from time to time.

It expressed concerns for thousands of migrant workers in Saudi detention centers. Calls upon all international and local organizations to condemn and denounce international instruments and convention violations and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable.

The statement stressed the need to work with international organizations to protect migrants who represent easy targets of violations, torture, and killings. Call upon the international community to pressure the Saudi authorities to cease their attacks on migrants and respect international humanitarian instruments in this regard.