Security of Saada province surprised by the aggression’s denial of al-Raqw’s crime



A source responsible for the security of Sa’ada province was surprised by the denial by the US-Saudi-UAE aggression coalition spokesman of the heinous crime committed by Saudi border guards against Yemenis and illegal African migrants and the throwing of their lifeless bodies in the border area of al-Raqw.

The source pointed out that it found traces of torture resulting in the death of 7 persons, who were taken to the Saada hospital, including 5 Yemenis and two others yet to be identified.

He reported that two more people had been found dead in the same area, while information referred to dozens of bodies of persons killed by torture buried in areas of the Kingdom, exposing the lies and the Coalition’s claim that the victims had been shot dead by Yemeni forces.

The source confirms that a transparent and open investigation into this crime, which demonstrates the psychological and moral distortion of the Saudi regime, calls on human rights organizations to keep abreast, document this tragedy, and fulfill their duty to expose the crime and hold those who committed it accountable and to refer them to the International Criminal Court.