Al-Ajri blames the aggression for not sticking to armistice terms



The Member of the National Delegation, Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, held the UN and the US-Saudi aggression responsible for not following the military and humanitarian truce, which is nearly ending.

Al-Ajri pointed out during an interview with the Al-Masirah channel that the aggression has not yet demonstrated seriousness towards peace, and they relish the suffering of the Yemeni people.

He said they approved the truce agreement so the aggression does not have any pretexts, which were alleging that salvation government.

In regard to the United Nations, Al-Ajri said their performance was disappointing, expecting them to sponsor the truce until it is fully implemented.

Al-Ajri explained that the US-Saudi aggression wants to stop military actions so that their countries are not bombed and then keep Yemen under the reality of the crisis in order to make the country “explode” from the inside.

He indicated that the bodies affiliated with the mercenaries of the aggression were formed by foreign powers, and they do not represent the Yemeni people and have nothing to do with it.