Insan org. reveals the abduction of a journalist in Marib by the national army



Insan Rights and Freedoms Organization revealed on Friday the abduction of the journalist Naziha Nasir Ali al-Junaid by the so-called ‘National Army’ in the city of Marib.

The organization stated that as the journalist arrived in Marib city to apply for a passport, the so-called ‘National Army’ abducted her.

The journalist, Naziha al-Junaid was by force taken to the notorious Political Security Prison, the organization added.

Insan said that Naziha had been kidnapped before in early January 2021.

Naziha Al-Junaid is a mother of five children from Rimah province, who worked as a journalist, decided to travel to Cairo for treatment, with a group of women, and tried to obtain a passport from Marib, as the coalition prohibits travel through Sayoun airport with passports issued from Sana ‘a.

According to the organization’s sources, six months after the abduction, the woman who had been with the journalist Al Junaid had informed her children of the fate of their abducted mother.

Insan, the United Nations, and all organizations concerned with the protection of human rights and press freedoms called for intervention and pressure on the authorities in Marib to release the journalist and all abductees in those prisons.