WFP Cuts Food Rations In Yemen Again


The World Food Program (WFP) said on Monday that it has again cut rations in Yemen, where millions face starvation.

The program added this cut is due to severe funding gaps, global inflation and the spillover effect of the conflict in Ukraine.

The United Nations feeds 13 million people a month in Yemen, whose economy has collapsed due to the seven-year war.

Yemen, with a population of approximately 30 million people, imports most of its food.

“We are now forced to reduce the support provided to five million of these people to less than 50% of daily requirements and for the other eight million to approximately 25% of daily requirements,” the program wrote in a tweet on Twitter on Sunday.

“Adaptation and livelihood activities and school feeding and feeding programs will stop for four million people, making assistance available to only 1.8 million people,” WFP said.

Since January, the WFP has reduced rations for eight million people, and warned in May that it may cut more rations; as it has collected only a quarter of the $2 million it needed for Yemen from international donors this year.

The number of people living in conditions approaching famine in Yemen is expected to rise to 7 million in the second half of 2022 from about 5 million currently.