Coalition Saudi – Emirate Forces Commit 146 Violations Of Armistice


The Coalition Saudi – Emirate forces committed 146 violations of the humanitarian and military truce during.

The Source added that the The Coalition Saudi – Emirate’s violations included 6 flights of hostile warplanes in the airspace of Bekaa, al-Shabaka, al-Omda, al-Suh, al-Shorfa and al-Fare’ areas in Najran region, and 62 flights by armed and spy reconnaissance aircrafts over the airspace of the provinces of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Jawf, Sa’ada, Dhalea, and Bayda and the border fronts.

He confirmed the monitoring of 2 airstrikes on the citizens’ houses and the sites of the army and popular committees in al-Barah area in Taiz province.

The Source said that 2 violations by the forces were detected with creating combat fortifications in the vicinity of Marib city and in the east of Tabat al-Shubel and in al-Tina areas in Hajjah province.

He stated that 56 violations were recorded with shooting at the citizens’ houses in the provinces of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Sa’ada, Dhalea and Bayda and the border fronts.

He also said the Coalition committed 18 violations with artillery shelling on the provinces of Marib, Hajjah and Sa’ada and the border fronts.

The Source stated that the Coalition Saudi – Emirate Forces targeted, with intense artillery, the sites of the army in ak-Sakhrah area in Asir region and in al-Amoud and Jabal Tawaleq areas in Jizan region.