Foreign Affairs Ministry Warned from Concluding Any Oil Agreements In The Occupied Territories


An source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “The ministry has sent letters to all foreign ministries of the member states of the United Nations, confirming that any agreements or projects undertaken by the countries of aggression or the government loyal to it are null and void, and have no legal status.”

The source added, in a statement to some Yemeni’s News Agencies, that “the illegality of this agreement lies in the fact that the Republic of Yemen has been subjected to military aggression and a comprehensive siege since March 26, 2015.”

The source pointed out that the messages confirmed that “some of the actions taken by the oil companies that fall within the scope of the Republic of Yemen are in violation of the laws, which will compel the National Salvation Government to take all legal measures, whether at the present time or in the post-aggression stage.”

The source concluded his statement by emphasizing that the Supreme Political Council and the Salvation Government are concerned with defending the rights and wealth of the Yemeni people in all forms and means.