Ministry Of Fisheries Condemns Kidnapping Of Fishermen By Saudi Forces


Saudi Forces kidnapped three Yemeni fishermen in Midi district in Hajjah governorate, while they were fishing in Yemen territorial waters. The ministry denounced the continuing crimes and violations committed by the Saudi Forces against Yemeni fishermen in Yemeni territorial waters.

The ministry holds the Saudi Forces to be fully responsible for all the violations and crimes that the fishermen are subjected to, as well as the damage and losses suffered by the fishing sector.
On August, Ministry of Fisheries announced kidnapping of 139 Yemeni fishermen by Eritrean authorities from the city of Mocha in Taiz governorate and Khokha in Hodeidah governorate, including 23 minors, while they were fishing in Yemen territorial waters.

The Ministry of Fisheries called on the Eritrean authorities to quickly release them, and all the kidnapped fishermen in its prisons, calling on the United Nations and its humanitarian and human rights organizations to play their role in the face of the kidnapping crimes of Yemeni fishermen by the authorities in Eritrea.