YPC Calls For Ending Distillation Policy In Releasing Fuel Vessels


The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) called on the aggression coalition and the United Nations to stop the policy of distillation in releasing fuel ships, as that has negative effects in raising demurrage fines on ships.

In a statement spokesman Essam al-Mutawakel explained that the aggression – led by America coalition and in partnership with the United Nations is a major reason for doubling Yemenis’ suffering, as a result of their practice of distillation policy by releasing fuel ships.

He pointed out that four fuel vessels entered Hodeida port today, including two gasoline vessels, a gas vessel, and another diesel, while the aggression coalition is still holding five fuel vessels, despite obtaining entry permits from the United Nations.

Al-Mutawakil called on the United Nations to act impartially and to abide by the armistice terms, to stop arbitrary practices and piracy, and to ensure smooth entry of fuel ships into Hodeida port.