Saudi Forces Kill 3 Yemeni Youths On Border in Saada


At least three Yemeni youths were killed and a fourth wounded by Saudi border guards’ fire on Thursday in Saada province.

Informed sources told that the Saudi border guards in Nashaw area in Jizan region intercepted the way of four Yemeni young men from the village of Al Abdullah in Razih district of Saada, while they were trying to enter Saudi territory in search of a job, and started shooting and firing five mortar shells at them, killing three and seriously wounding a fourth.

This comes days after the Saudi border guard forces bombed a village in Shada district in Saada, killing and wounding 22 civilians.

The Saudi forces have used to commit murders against Yemeni youths on the border who try to enter Saudi Arabia in search of job opportunities in the Kingdom, and prevent the bodies of the victims from leaving Saudi territory to hide any evidence of these crimes.