Mr. Abdul Malik al-Houthi Speech For Commemorate The 8th Anniversary Of The Revolution.


The Ansarollah leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi has After 8 years, we are in temporary truce within ongoing aggression, occupation and siege
He added in his speech to Economic crisis before Sep. 21 Revolution was result of regime policies not a result of conditions of siege or war.

Al-Houthi affirmed that the US-Saudi aggression sought to harass people even in their livelihood through severe siege and economic conspiracies and destroyed all infrastructure and targeted even courts, prisons, cemeteries, schools and others .
Add to they targeted all government facilities and service facilities, which shows American tendencies to destroy everything in our country and Thousands of children and civilians were killed by American bombs in various provinces and events
with brutality and killing meant to show its American hostile attitudes towards Yemeni people , with brutality and killing meant to show its American hostile attitudes towards Yemeni people.

He added to Political parties recognized that American ambassador’s role represents a clear violation of the country’s policy and independence , earlier.

Ansarollah Leader pointed The Americans turned their embassy before Revolution into headquarters to manage sabotage practices in the country and tried to control Yemen.
He pointed out to Americans clearly targeted Armys’ air capabilities and air defense, and planes were falling in Sana’a and they tried to control Army, strip it of its capabilities, and corrupt its fighting doctrine
In addtion that Army’s Rocketry and Naval Forces were targeted as part of the American effort to strike repelling foreign attacks capabilitieslities
On Other hand, Ansarollah Leader In his speech about An important achievement of Sep. 21 Revolution is security and Among Sep. 21 revolution’s achievements is work to rebuild Army and security on correct foundations and a correct combat doctrine and Military industrialization one of the most important achievements of Revolution.
Military industrialization is great and extraordinary achievement that the Nation is proud of.