Al-Ezzi Warns That Participants In Saudi-led Aggression Will Suffer Grave Energy Crisis


A senior official in the national salvation government has affirmed that countries that have participated in the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen will witness suffocating energy crises in the coming times.

Deputy foreign minister in the Sana’a government, Hussein al-Ezzi, said in a tweet: “Whoever participated in Yemen’s oppression will face more than we have faced.”

Commenting on a video broadcast by a Saudi channel about the fuel crisis in France, he added: “In other words, what is mentioned in the (Video) is nothing compared to the upcoming crises.”

For days, France has been witnessing a suffocating fuel crisis, which has caused massive queues at fuel stations in the capital, Paris, and other cities.

Earlier, Sana’a forces had called on foreign oil companies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to leave after the coalition refused to pay Yemeni employees’ salaries from Yemen’s oil and gas revenues.