Ministry of Foreign Mocks Hypocritical US Claims To Wanting Peace in Yemen


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its astonishment at the claim of the United States of America of its keenness to achieve peace in Yemen, while it is the one behind the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, in a statement, that this allegation comes in the context of the USA’s attempt to cover up its position impeding to peace.

The ministry pointed out that Yemenis are besieged, starving and killed daily with weapons and with an American green light.

The statement pointed out that America does not want to stop the aggression, and this is evident through its statements and criticism of those who defend itself, and through its permanent bias towards war and its measures such as aggression, siege and occupation of Yemeni lands.

The ministry concluded its statement by emphasizing that the United States of America is trying to burn the stages in order to impede any sincere efforts to achieve sustainable peace.