Supreme Economic Committee Reveals Most Serious International Crime Of Looting Yemen’s Oil


The Media Secretary of the Supreme Economic Committee in Sana’a, Ibrahim Al-Seraji, on Monday confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition and its tools have brought in international companies in an attempt to loot an amount of crude oil through Al-Dhaba port in Hadhramaut province.

“In a new attempt to plunder the sovereign wealth represented in crude oil, the US-Saudi aggression mercenaries attempted to loot a quantity of oil through the port of Al-Dhaba, with the help of international smuggling companies, and in violation of the decision of the Supreme Political Council, issued on October 1, 2022, to prevent the looting of Yemeni sovereign wealth,” Al-Seraji said.

He added, “The US-Saudi aggression mercenaries tried to loot crude oil by bringing in the oil tanker (PRATIKA) and two boats, in addition to six unidentified warships.”

This time, international smuggling companies were used, which own oil tankers and boats, in return for exorbitant sums, of which the mercenaries got a percentage as commissions and bribes, he explained.

Al-Saraji pointed out that the Committee took all legal measures through the competent authorities, before the oil tanker entered the Yemeni territorial waters, which in turn addressed the oil companies related to the oil tanker and boats, not to approach the regional waters.

The Committee media secretary stated that the information had indicated that the aggression mercenaries intended to loot 2.1 million barrels of crude oil, with an estimated value of $174 million.

According to the committee, the oil tanker ignored the communications, and violated Yemeni territorial waters on Monday morning, so the armed forces carried out their duty, and the tanker (PRATIKA) was forced to leave at 5:00 pm on Monday evening.

The Supreme Economic Committee held the mercenaries and those involved with them fully responsible for their attempt to convert the oil installations into military barracks.

The Committee renewed its call to all local and foreign companies to fully comply with the decision to prevent the looting of sovereign wealth, which was taken to preserve the rights of the Yemeni people and serve their interests, otherwise they will bear the various repercussions and legal consequences.