Abdulsalam: Omani Delegation’s Visit is to to Convey Ideas About the Talks to the Political Leadership


The head of the national delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, confirmed that the visit of the Omani delegation comes to transfer the ideas and proposals that were carried out in the discussions with the Saudis and international parties to the political leadership.

Abdulsalam said that the aggression coalition makes promises that have no effect regarding the payment of salaries, the end of the siege, and the exit of foreign forces

He added that the countries of aggression targeted the economic side and greatly deepened the economic rift by targeting the bank and the currency.

Abdulsalam stressed the need to separate the humanitarian file from the military file, indicating that Sanaa’s demands belong to all Yemenis, without exception, throughout the Yemeni territory.

Abdulsalam linked any progress in the negotiations to the progress in the humanitarian file represented in the payment of salaries and the opening of airports and ports, stressing that the salary file must be separated in all circumstances when the war returns or the armistice returns.

Abdulsalam praised the role of the Sultanate of Oman, which is keen to achieve peace in Yemen as a matter of interest and neighborhood, and its role in the talks with all parties is important and positive.

He stated that the brothers in Oman provided a lot of support to achieve peace in Yemen and in the humanitarian file, and their frequent visits to Sana’a are evidence of their good